K. and R. Goo

Kailua, Hawaii

“Many questions and those big “what ifs” circle people’s thoughts when thinking about the future. Putting your mind at ease about the future is difficult, but that's exactly what Eric Wong was able to do for us with his legal expertise and wealth preservation credentials. We had so many questions and went in knowing nothing about how trusts, wills, and health directives. We never realized the process of getting ready for the future could be so uncomplicated until we met with Eric and received his personalized services. Eric patiently guided us through the many forms we had to fill out, explaining the legal-ese to us. We had no idea how our present and future needs could be met with such clarity; that is something a book or website cannot do for you.  Furthermore, when a family issue arose and it was outside of responsibility of our trust, Eric was there for us, every step of the way, even helping us mediate the situation as needed. He definitely went beyond his everyday duty to help us come to a peaceful resolution.”                   

M. oU

Honolulu, Hawaii

"Hi Eric, You've been very helpful with my legal issues and I'm now confident about my choices regarding my will.  Good luck and much prosperity for the coming year of 2017 --- my milestone year of reaching 90!  Mahalo"

B. Bridges

San Diego, California

“I am thankful that I found Eric to handle the probate of my father’s estate.  It was a fairly complex mater, ultimately taking over two years to resolve.  Throughout it all, Eric was patient and diligent.  He interfaced seamlessly with the other attorneys handling the real estate in my father’s trust, and the eventual bankruptcy of one of his debtors.  Although I grew up on Oahu, I relocated to San Diego many years ago. Being so far away, it was a great relief to feel confident that my father’s affairs were in good hands.  Eric met every deadline, kept me well informed of the progress of the case, and did so at a reasonable cost.  While I hope the need will never arise, I wouldn’t hesitate to retain him again.” 


G. Kunishige

Berkeley, California

Honolulu, Hawaii

“Eric has been handling our parent’s trusts and limited partnership for over 20 years. Over the years I have found Eric to be a very good communicator as he makes complicated things very easy for everyone to understand.  When my parents passed away, I was named the primary trustee for their trusts and the general partner for our family business.   Although I live in California, Eric did everything possible to handle our family affairs as though we were neighbors.  With the time difference, Eric and I arranged phone calls that were convenient for me but not necessarily for him.   Some of our important meetings consisted of some family members in Eric’s office with me on the phone.  Eric handled delicate family differences in a very diplomatic and professional manner leading to compromised unanimous decisions.  We will continue to use Eric’s services for our family legal matters.” 


M. Loo

Honolulu, Hawaii




“Being a single mother, I know it's important to ensure my child will be well cared no matter what.  I went to Eric for help and he turned an intimidating task into a simple one for me.  He asked me all the right questions to make sure that my wishes for my daughter would be fulfilled even if I wasn't there to help her and covered situations I hadn't even considered.  I came out of the process feeling secure and confident!  I later had to make some changes to the trust due to a change in my life and Eric made it so easy too!  He's easy to talk to and clearly very knowledgeable in his field!  I would recommend him to ANYONE without hesitance. I even recommended him to a friend with a terminal illness and he was absolutely beyond kind to her.  Everyone was so appreciative of the way he bent over backwards for her and her trust was executed without a hitch.”

“I have deep heartfelt gratitude for the exemplary work that Eric did for our family.  He had been my parents’ attorney for a number of years and after they passed he handled our family trust.  Eric’s calm and sincere demeanor was extremely comforting and kept issues that arose manageable.  Eric provided valuable legal work and advice.  At the same time, he was a sincere and comforting “counselor” at law who directed and got us through a very emotional time."


Vancouver, Washington

Honolulu, Hawaii

Makiki client

Honolulu, Hawaii




"Aloha Eric, Wanted to thank you for being a great attorney and the voice of logic.  You will never know how much your expertise and kindness calmed me during recent events. God willing with your guidance and knowledge the future will be kinder.  You have taught me a lot about people (always want to believe the best, but be ready to expect the human reaction).  Will long remember your help, knowledge and how much mom respected you. Blessed to have you in my life as well.  Gives me peace to know you are there; that is priceless.                                            August 31, 2016"


"Dear Eric, Thank you very much for preparing my trust & will.  It 's been a pleasure working with you --"   April 2018

"Thanks for everything, Eric.  It was truly a pleasure working with you. Aloha & Mahalo"

"Eric and Staff - Thanks for the great service!" 

"Dear Eric,  A big mahalo for your patience making sure that we understand all the work you've done for us."   

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and giving me and my family a peace and comfort knowing that everything will be taken care of. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have you as our attorney.  Happy New Year 2016.  Mahalo Nui Loa"

"It's always a pleasure to meet with you...Thanks so much for your help.  Best to you and your family.  God Bless" 


"Dear Eric - It is such a pleasure working with you.  Thank you"