What to bring to your initial meeting:

A.  ESTATE PLANNING.  For new estate planning cases it is not absolutely necessary to bring all of the following with you, but it would serve to make our first meeting as productive as possible.

  1. List of your questions, concerns, thoughts, and goals.
  2. Estate Planning Questionnaire (contact us for this).
  3. Copies of old trust documents (revocable trust, short form trust/declaration of trust, will, durable power of attorney, advance health-care directive, living will, and any amendments).
  4. Copies of recorded Deeds for your real property.
  5. Copies of current mortgage statements, if any.
  6. Copies of company documents (business owners only).
  7. Please inform us of any time deadlines by which you would prefer your work to be completed and call early for appointments.
  8. Please come as you are!


     See above listed items 1, 3 - 6

C.  TRUST/WILL ADMINISTRATION, PROBATE.  For administration of an individual's trust/estate upon his or her passing:

  1. Decedent's trust or will (if any, original, if available).
  2. Decedent's certified death certificate (when available).
  3. List of decedent's family members, heirs, and beneficiaries, including names, addresses and telephone numbers.

D.  REFERRAL SOURCE:  Please let us know who recommended you to our office.  For estate planning matters, this qualifies you for a free half hour consultation.

E.  For other cases:  (please call)

Note: Information shared with Eric M. K. Wong, Attorney at Law, a Law Corporation, is kept confidential and disclosed only as authorized by you, required to complete the work for which the office is retained, or as required under the Hawaii Supreme Court Rules of Professional Responsibility.